Elastotec is committed to the production and development of the highest quality, longest lasting pulley lagging and ceramic wear panels for the global mining industry.

In an industry where reliability is crucial, we manufacture pulley lagging and wear panel products that provide exceptional performance, ensuring that equipment is operational when required.


Consequences of catastrophic failure with cold bonded lagging for new mining projects

Catastrophic lagging failure due to debonding occurred within two weeks of installation and operation of the pulley, resulting in a shutdown of production, and necessitated a replacement of the pulley. Within only two weeks of service, this ceramic lagging was already experiencing loss of the ceramic tiles.

New Approved Applicator

Early in 2019 Kledkaew Inter Products Co, Ltd. a rubber lining company based in Bangkok Thailand were approached by a representative from a major power station, with a request for a pulley lagging that would significantly extend the lagging service life beyond the 12 months that was typically being achieved with the rubber lagging currently in use.
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