Elastotec is committed to the production and development of the highest quality, longest lasting pulley lagging and ceramic wear panels for the global mining industry.

In an industry where reliability is crucial, we manufacture pulley lagging and wear panel products that provide exceptional performance, ensuring that equipment is operational when required.

Ceramic Lagging Tile Loss - Causes and Prevention

Ceramic lagging is chosen for pulleys where a long trouble free service life is required to ensure that the conveyor is operational when required and to avoid unplanned conveyor shutdowns. This is a critical for mining companies where conveyor down time costs run into thousands of dollars per minute.

The importance of good metal preparation to good lagging adhesion

Correct pulley shell surface preparation is essential for good lagging adhesion. Grit blast to a 50-100 um surface roughness and check by measuring at multiple points across the pulley face and around the pulley circumference.
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