Ceramic Pulley Lagging

In an industry where reliability is crucial and the unplanned down time can result in millions of dollars lost over a single day, our focus is on manufacturing pulley lagging and wear panel products that provide the “Longest Service Life” possible, ensuring that equipment is operational when required. Elastotec is an Australian-owned manufacturer of the highest quality, longest lasting pulley lagging and ceramic wear panels for the global mining industry.

Our management team has over 100 years of combined experience working in the rubber moulding industry on the development and improvement of first-class precision products that are composites of rubber, ceramics, plastics and metals. Rather than provide many different product types, we focus our unique capabilities and know-how on developing an exceptional and distinct pulley lagging product.

Elastotec works closely with mining companies, pulley manufacturers such as Sandvik Mining Systems, Nepean Mining and Joy Global, and our network of approved applicators to develop and refine our products based on operational feedback and technological advances.

Our clients cannot afford any unplanned down time. By providing them with lagging that has been engineered to perform, such as our Hot Vulcanised Ceramic Lagging, we help them remove the high cost of pulley lagging failure and provide improved reliability to reduce mine operating costs.

Our goal is to ensure that mining companies that utilise our pulley lagging products achieve three things:

  • Maximum production output
  • Lowest possible cost per tonne
  • Best possible OH&S performance

Elastotec pulley lagging is supplied through “Approved Applicators” that use the Elastotec lagging and bonding systems and have been trained in the Elastotec Lagging Application Procedures – this ensures a reliable outcome. Details of the “Approved Applicator” Programme as follows:


  • Generally exclusive to one company in each area (For some products this may vary)
  • Focus on providing longer service life for pulleys
  • Full access for all approved applicators to our lagging failure data base and new high performance lagging products developed from this
  • Use of Elastotec lagging application methods
  • Application training provided by Elastotec
  • Elastotec lagging sample kits available
  • Elastotec technical support available for application/performance issues and for presentations to end users
  • Listing on the Elastotec website as an approved applicator


  • For pulley refurb record the details of lagging type, material being processed, failure mode and service life – use data to improve lagging design/performance
  • Use of Elastotec lagging and bonding systems and Elastotec application method by Elastotec trained operators
  • Record kept for lagging application on each pulley and provided to Elastotec

Pulley Lagging Value Chain & Innovation Engine

Database information sources:

  • Rehab reports from AAs
  • Conversations with AAs, ECs, and mining companies (end user)
  • Researchers (who is the leading research institution in the industry?)


  • Longer Service Life for mine sites
  • Competitive advantage for Approved Applicators