Features & Benefits

Tiles with raised dimples Improved belt grip and tracking
96% Aluminium oxide tile material Extreme wear resistance
Rubber compound blended with CN polymers Outstanding adhesion to ceramic tiles, rubber and metal
Buffed CN bonding layer and buffed edges For optimum cold vulcanised adhesion to the pulley
Fire resistant and antistatic (FRAS) compound available Can be used in above or below ground applications
Low sulphur rubber Stable rubber hardness with age
Ceramic tiles bonded to rubber on 5 sides Resists tile cracking and pull out
Can be hot vulcanised to the pulley Best bonding to metal pulley shell
Supplied in strip form 250mm wide Easy to install
Supplied in 10 metre roll No waste (cost effective). Minimum stock required as one roll fits all pulley widths
Can be supplied in cut to size strips with rubber ends To suit customer preference
Tile pattern in 100mm segments Can be used on all pulley widths
Cutting sipes Allows adjustment of strip width to suit pulley diameter
Elastotec Ceramic Lagging is available in 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm thicknesses

Material Specifications

Aluminium Oxide 96% MIN
Specific Gravity > 3.7
Vickers Hardness > 1000
Tensile Strength (MPA) 20.0
Comp. Strength (MPA) 200
Flexural modulus (MPA) 32.0

Rubber Specifications

Standard FRAS
Polymer NR/SBR Blend SBR/CR Blend
Tensile strength (MPa) min 14.0 16.0
% Elongation min 400% 500%
Hardness (shore A) 65+/-5 65+/-5
Specific gravity 1.13+/-0.03 1.43+/-0.3
Abrasion resistance max vol. loss (DIN 53516) 90mm3 200mm3

Standard Ceramic Lagging With Rubber Ends


One Size Fits All