Pulley Lagging Application Procedures

Duration — 1.5 days for each application method

Designed for Workshop supervisors and lagging application operators


Application procedures covered:
  • Hot Vulcanising application procedure
  • Cold bonding application procedure
  • Direct bond application procedure
1) Theory on application procedure
2) Practical lagging application training
3) Knowledge test
4) Lagging bond testing methods


This course is for Elastotec Lagging Partners and maintenance and reliability staff at the mines. It is designed to equip your team with tools to select and specify pulley lagging that is engineered to provide the optimum service life for both lagging and conveyor belt.

Common application lagging failures:

  • Debonding from pulley
  • Edge lifting
  • Joint separation/Shell corrosion

This can be due to:

  • incorrect application procedure
  • inadequate training of application staff
  • use of materials from multiple suppliers (not designed/tested to work together)
  • Adverse environmental and working conditions during application or time pressure not allowing the application procedure to be followed.

It is designed to equip your team with the tools to be able to apply Elastotec laggings following the Elastotec application procedures to ensure the optimum service life with no lagging failures due to application.

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