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Elastotec is committed to the production and development of the highest quality, longest lasting pulley lagging and ceramic wear panels for the global mining industry.

In an industry where reliability is crucial and the unplanned down time can result in millions of dollars lost over a single day, our focus is on manufacturing pulley lagging and wear panel products that provide the “Longest Service Life” possible, ensuring that equipment is operational when required. It is this focus on product type, product performance and product manufacturing capability that provides the ‘Longer Service Life’ and reduced operating costs for mining companies that use Elastotec products worldwide.

Elastotec works closely with mining companies, manufacturers such as PROK Conveyor Components, Nepean Mining, Metso, Thyssenkrupp, Martin Gear & Sprocket, Continental, Continental Global, Fenner Dunlop and pulley refurbishment companies and our network of “Approved Applicators” to develop and refine our products based on operational feedback and technological advances. We collect data on lagging condition/failure from our international network of “Approved Applicators” each time they receive a pulley for refurbishment. This enables us to build a picture of the factors that reduce service life across lagging from many suppliers. With extensive experience in the latest elastomer technology, as well as bonding and adhesion of elastomers to various substrates, our engineering expertise is focused on developing lagging that eliminates or at least minimizes these failure modes.

– This is the basis of our “Engineered to Perform” statement.

If you work in mining company operations/maintenance or are involved in the manufacture and refurbishment of conveyor pulleys, then we would like to share more about our ground-breaking work at Elastotec with you.

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If you work in the mining industry, involved in conveyor maintenance, pulley manufacturing, conveyor design and conveyor maintenance, then, we would like to work with you to bring engineered pulley lagging solutions to the industry.