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Bonding Adhesion

Bonding Adhesion

Bonding Adhesion

All ceramic tiles and polyurethane inserts are bonded using a two part system that provides proven 100% rubber tear adhesion.

Using purpose built equipment the adhesive system is applied to the ceramic tiles using a dipping process. This guarantees the required coating weight of the primer and adhesive to provide reliable adhesion.

Many competitors apply their primer and adhesive systems by spraying. This method of application cannot ensure that the required coating weight of adhesive is applied to each tile and on every surface. The result is variable levels of adhesion which leads to tile loss.

Elastotec can supply strip pulley lagging with a choice of two bonding systems:

  • Cold vulcanised bonding layer
  • Hot vulcanised bonding layer

Cold Vulcanised CN Bonding Layer

All Elastotec Lagging products are supplied with a CN bonding layer providing a Rubber Tear bond.

CN Bonding Layer Graph
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