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Conveyor Maintenance Support Programme

Conveyor Maintenance Support Programme for Pulley Lagging Performance

Conveyor maintenance-companies support programme
  • By providing conveyor maintenance companies with the technical support and expertise related to pulley lagging performance, analysis of failures, correct lagging selection and predictive software tools such as “Lagging Analyst”.
  • By providing detailed lagging application methods and training that maximises lagging performance.
  • Mine visits with your staff to audit lagging performance and discuss target improvements with maintenance personnel.
  • Development of new and innovative lagging products.

Your conveyor operation/ maintenance expertise

Elastotec Lagging expertise

Better conveyor maintenance service for mines

Lagging failures – don’t put up with this
Lagging Failures
Guaranteed performance

Available through Elastotec Approved Applicators

Direct Bond Ceramic Lagging

Approved Applicators

Hot Vulcanised Lagging

Approved Applicators

Cold Bonded Lagging

Approved Applicators

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If you work in the mining industry, involved in conveyor maintenance, pulley manufacturing, conveyor design and conveyor maintenance, then, we would like to work with you to bring engineered pulley lagging solutions to the industry.