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EL.IN Approved Applicator

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EL.IN Approved Applicator

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EL.IN. is an engineering company based in Grevena in northern Greece. For many years EL.IN. has been refurbishing pulleys for the Public Power Corporation (PPC) of Greece. PPC operates seven power stations that are fuelled by Lignite and a number of mines that supply the fuel for these mines. The PPC operations have conveyor systems with over 2,000 pulleys in service with a number of different lagging types in service, including rubber, cold vulcanised ceramic and direct bond ceramic.

EL.IN. has established a production facility for removing old lagging using a proprietary heat induction process that does not change the pulley shell diameter. Additionally equipment and tools have been put in place to handle pulleys up to1500 mm in diameter and 2600 mm in face width.

Stergios Zarogiannis one of the owners of EL.IN. decided to introduce the Elastotec range of high performance conveyor pulley lagging to the materials handling industry in Greece. Elastotec is a specialist manufacturer of pulley lagging products with a focus on providing the “ Longest Service Life” to mining companies. This is achieved through:

  • Analysis of lagging failures from pulleys returning from the field for refurbishment
  • Engineering based on this analysis that is built into each Elastotec lagging product
  • Advanced bonding technology
  • Detailed Elastotec Application methods
  • The use of Approved Applicators that are trained by Elastotec for all lagging application.
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In September Elastotec conducted application training on site at EL.IN. for the Elastotec Cold Vulcanised Ceramic Lagging (CVCL) over two days. A pulley 1000 mm diameter and 2100 mm face width was used for the training with the production manager Blazomitis Athanasios organising the team of three operators.

David Molesworth the Technical Director of Elastotec conducted the application training and was impressed with the skill and attention to detail displayed by the EL.IN. operators. Adhesion tests carried out on the lagging applied to this pulley gave results of 17 N/mm.

Stergios Zarogiannis the Commercial Manager of EL.IN. said the company is committed to providing their customers with the highest levels of product performance and the introduction of the Elastotec lagging is part of this commitment.

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