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Wear Panel Elastotec Ceramic Wear Panels are easier and safer to install, leading to a reduction in downtime by up to 80%.
Reduce downtime
by up to 80%
Fast Change out Fast change out Great for locations with difficult access. Only simple tools are needed – no electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic tools required.
Elastotec is focused on providing wear panel systems that provide the service life required by the mine site and at the same time substantially reduce the time required to remove and install these liners. We believe that by applying innovative engineering to our wear panel systems we enable mining companies to reduce down time, maximise production output and reduce OH&S risks.

Magnefast is a patented single sided attachment system for wear panels that uses high strength neodymium magnets to hold the panels in place.

Magnefast wear panel

High Strength Magnets

Wear and impact resistant ceramic blocks

Rubber layer designed for impact absorption and adhesion

Engineered corrosion resistant backing plate

Magnefast provides quicker, safer, easier wear liner replacement.
Total Cost benefit of Magnefast Wear Panel Systems single sided attachment for wear liner replacement.
Up to 80% less shut down time
Up to 60% less OH&S risk
100% less electric tools
100% less hydraulic tools
0 :1
ROI UP TO 25:1
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