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Lagging Analyst

Lagging Analyst

To assist endusers assess ceramic lagging options for the possible impact on slippage between the lagging and the bottom belt cover, Elastotec can provide an analysis of the conveyor design parameters using Lagging Analyst software programme.


Lagging Analyst is a part of the Belt Analyst conveyor design software that has been developed by Overland Conveyor and is widely used by conveyor engineers internationally. The Lagging Analyst programme allows the following information to be generated:

  • Required coefficient of friction around the pulley
  • Where and if slippage will occur
  • Shear stresses applied to the rubber/ceramic tiles

This information is useful to determine if the ceramic lagging will wear the belt cover and also the likelihood of the lagging/pulley or lagging/ceramic tile bonds failing when the drive pulley is operating under maximum load.

Elastotec provides this analysis to end users,conveyor designers,engineers,and pulley manufacturers to ensure that our ceramic lagging provides the Longest Possible Service Life. 

Report 1

Lagging Analyst Report - 15mm Lagging

Report 2

Lagging Analyst Report - 18mm Lagging

Report 3

Lagging Analyst Report - 25mm Lagging

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Belt Analyst
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