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Lagging Selection: Hot Vulcanised Vs Cold Bonded

Lagging Selection: Hot Vulcanised Vs Cold Bonded


To achieve this, we have established the Four Pillars of Lagging Performance which are:

Lagging Selection is key to obtaining the best possible lagging performance and a recent visit to a pulley refurbishment facility emphasised this with three pulleys on the floor – two with cold bonded ceramic lagging and one with hot vulcanised ceramic lagging.
The pictures tell the story :

All three pulleys were removed from service due to bearing failure – Pulleys #1 and #2 require lagging replacement as part of the refurbishment, while pulley#3 will be returned to service with the same lagging.

The pulley that has the lagging that can be returned to service was fitted with Elastotec Hot Vulcanised Ceramic Lagging and had been in service since 2017.

Hot Vulcanised Lagging should be selected for the following reasons:
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