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Pulley Lagging Selection and Performance Optimisation

Pulley Lagging Selection and Performance Optimisation

Elastotec Presents Groundbreaking Paper at ICBMH 2023

Elastotec is thrilled to announce our recent participation in the 14th International Conference on Bulk Material Storage, Handling, and Transportation (ICBMH 2023), where we presented a groundbreaking paper that has the potential to revolutionize the field of conveyor technology. Titled “Pulley Lagging Selection and Performance Optimization,” our paper sheds light on the crucial importance of choosing the right pulley lagging for optimal belt conveyor performance. 

In the world of bulk material handling, belt conveyors serve as the lifeline of numerous industries. The performance and reliability of these conveyors heavily depend on the selection of appropriate pulley lagging. Pulley lagging provides the essential traction between the conveyor belt and the pulley, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. However, the traditional selection process has often been hindered by limited information and outdated practices, resulting in compromised performance and increased conveyor downtime.

Recognizing this critical challenge, Elastotec, in collaboration with CDI and The University of Newcastle, undertook an extensive research endeavor. Our goal was to develop an innovative engineering tool that would empower engineers and conveyor operators to make well-informed decisions regarding pulley lagging selection, leading to enhanced conveyor efficiency, prolonged component life, and reduced downtime.

The outcome of our diligent efforts is an advanced engineering tool that considers a multitude of factors, including belt tension, conveyor speed, material characteristics, and environmental conditions. This comprehensive tool provides a reliable methodology for selecting the most suitable pulley lagging and ensuring its safe operation. By leveraging cutting-edge research and engineering techniques, we have equipped the industry with a transformative solution that sets new standards for conveyor performance optimization.

Our participation in ICBMH 2023 provided us with a valuable platform to share our research findings with the global bulk material handling community. We are proud to contribute to the advancement of conveyor technology and to be at the forefront of innovation in this field.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the organizing committee of ICBMH 2023 for their support and recognition of our work. We also want to acknowledge the dedicated team members at Elastotec, CDI and The University of Newcastle, who played instrumental roles in the development of this revolutionary engineering tool.

To access our paper and learn more about the transformative capabilities of our engineering tool, please visit the [link to paper download page] or get in touch with us. At Elastotec, we are excited to discuss how our expertise can help you optimize your belt conveyor system, ensuring maximum performance, reliability, and operational excellence.

Stay tuned for more updates on our cutting-edge solutions and commitment to driving innovation in the bulk material handling industry.

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