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Elastotec is the only company that provides global mining operations with specialised pulley lagging solutions engineered and manufactured to minimise lagging failure and provide the longest service life possible.

Pulley Lagging Installations

Hot Vulcanised Lagging
Direct Bond Lagging
Extreme HT Lagging
Other Lagging

Pulley Lagging Solutions

At Elastotec, we believe pulley lagging is an engineered part of the pulley and when chosen, manufactured and installed correctly, should last longer than the bearings and locking elements. When working with you to optimise your operations, we look at the four pillars of lagging performance:


With so many options available, making sure you have the right lagging at the outset is crucial. We look at your systems, past performance, current conditions and various locations to see how the product is wearing.


Incorrect installation is the cause of common lagging failures including debonding, lifting and joint separation. From reviewing application techniques to working conditions, Elastotec will analyse where your system is failing.


Elastotec is committed to ongoing research and development to ensure our pulley lagging solutions meet the continued demands of mine site operations.


Independently audited systems that comply with ISO 9001:2008 ensure Elastotec products are manufactured to the highest quality.

Ceramic Lagging Solutions

High performance Elastotec ceramic tiles set within a 100% rubber tear bonding system. Available in a range of ceramic tile coverage and thicknesses. Suitable for both Hot Vulcanised and Cold Bonded applications.

Ceramic 20% Lagging

Provides additional grip in low to medium tension applications.

Diamond Ceramic 15% Lagging

Designed for additional grip in low to medium tension applications where existing rubber lagging is slipping.

Extreme Ceramic Lagging

Developed for mining companies operating in extreme conditions (-50°C to +70°C).

Full 80% Ceramic Lagging

Designed to provide an increased coverage of 80% aluminium oxide tiles.

Medium Ceramic 38% Lagging

A mechanical interlock between lagging / belt on drives and high abrasion resistance on non-drives.

Slide Ceramic Lagging

Increases conveyor availability as pads can be replaced without removing the pulley from the conveyor.

Oil Resistant Ceramic Lagging

Designed for oily materials such as bitumen, tar, sand and various grains.

Rubber Pulley Lagging Solutions

Rubber lagging manufactured using an abrasion resistant top rubber layer and a buffed CN bonding layer to provide high levels of adhesion.
FRAS rubber is available where there is a risk of fire or explosion and safety is critical, for example, in underground coal mines or grain and sugar handling facilities.

Crowned Diamond Rubber Lagging

Provides improved belt tracking in low to medium tension applications.

High Tension Bend Extreme Rubber Lagging

For non-drive pulleys while protecting the conveyor belt from damage.

Wear Indicator Rubber Lagging

A visual indicator when to schedule replacing the lagging, helping manage operations.

Rubber Lagging

Popular for increasing grip and reducing wear and corrosion of the pulley shell.

Polyurethane Pulley Lagging Solutions

Used to increase the service life of non-drive pulleys. Polyurethane’s extreme abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction, solves premature wear when there’s a need for no damage to the belt cover.

Polyurethane Lagging

Specially engineered moulded thermoplastic polyurethane inserted onto a rubber backing layer

Direct Bond Pulley Lagging Solutions

Designed for use on drive and non-drive conveyor pulleys. Provides a maintenance-free, wear-resistant surface that increases traction for drive pulleys and smooth, low friction surface for head and tail pulleys.

Direct Bond

Ensures consistent and reliable results in a variety of conditions.


All the extras you’ll need for a complete installation

Cold Bonding

  • Ethyl acetates
  • Bond test clamps

Direct Bonding

  • Tape filaments
  • Adhesives
  • Metal primer

Hot Vulcanising

  • Rubber sealing strips
  • Staple guns
  • Pneumatic glue mixers

If you’d like to know more about how Elastotec’s pulley lagging solutions can reduce your downtime,
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Why use Elastotec’s pulley
lagging solutions?


Lagging failures that can be reduced allow for scheduled maintenance, saving you time. These include:

  • Ceramic tile cracking
  • Carryback buildup on lagging
  • Ceramic tile wear
  • Loss of dimples on ceramic tiles
  • Pulley shell corrosion
  • Wear of the bottom belt cover
  • Lagging deterioration with outdoor ageing
  • Damage to the lagging and to the belt for high tension bend pulleys in contact with the dirty side of the belt

Our service and support include:

  • Pulley auditing to determine the root causes of failure, along with recommendations for future action
  • Developed software that analyses your application and the suitability of your current lagging solution
  • Partnerships with engineering companies Conveyor Dynamics and Overland Conveyor to provide analysis supportv
  • Online quoting tool with 24/7 access
  • Online training courses in lagging application techniques
  • Training courses for application engineers


Lagging failures that can be eliminated mitigate your risk and save you money. These include:

  • Ceramic tile debonding
  • Debonding from the pulley shell
  • Edge lifting
  • Joint separation
  • Lifting at joints between strips
  • Pulley shell corrosion at lagging joints
  • Noise and vibration due to uneven thickness

Read how Elastotec’s pulley
lagging solutions are helping mining companies around the world

Coal mining

Find out how Elastotec has provided pulley lagging solutions for a multitude of problems, including lagging debonding from the pulley shell, ceramic tiles debonding and coming out of the lagging, and edge lifting of lagging.

Iron ore mining

Moving millions of tonnes per annum of iron ore and operating 24/7/365 requires reliability of your conveyor system. Find out why using Elastotec pulley lagging solutions is critical to achieving maximum ore throughput.

Copper mining

Maintenance underground is far more difficult and time-consuming than maintenance of the same equipment on the surface. See how Elastotec’s pulley lagging solutions proved there would be no debonding of tiles from hot vulcanised ceramic pulley lagging.

Gold mining

The operating conditions for conveyors in gold mines are often difficult. See how Elastotec overcome the issues of friction and excess belt wear within this environment.

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