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Quarry – Screen Underpan Chute

Quarry – Screen Underpan Chute

This quarry located in the south-eastern region of New South Wales is a hard rock quarry that can produce up to 1.5 million tonnes per annum of quarry products (ballast, aggregate, manufactured sand and road base). The majority of production from the site is used for construction projects in concrete and road building. The quarry has been operating at this site since 1959.

Installation of the 120 Magnefast liners in the chute took 15 minutes.

Removal time is estimated at less than 30 minutes. Estimates of the time required to install ceramic tiles in this chute using direct bond ceramic tiles range from eight hours for the install and grouting with an additional eight hours for removal of this type of ceramic lining.

Magnefast Wear Panel Solutions

Following a presentation to site maintenance personnel on the Magnefast Wear Panel System, a new screen underpan chute was selected for an initial installation. Ceramic Magnefast panels were chosen for the section of the underpan that saw sliding abrasion and steel liners were used in the chute areas that were subject to higher levels of impact. In a sliding abrasion application the ceramic liners are expected to provide longer service life than steel liners.

For this installation 120 of the 150 x 100 x 25mm Magnefast ceramic liners were used. Each liner was held in place by two high strength magnets giving a combined holding force of around 110kg per liner – 13,200kg holding force for the full ceramic chute lining.

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