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Hot Vulcanised Lagging Application

Hot Vulcanised Lagging Application

Hot Vulcanised lagging application involves the chemical cross-linking of five reactive layers during the autoclave curing process. To achieve the desired 100% rubber tear adhesion all five layers must crosslink at the same time. Occasionally conditions can be created in the autoclave that prevent this happening, and result in non-uniform adhesion around the pulley circumference. This bulletin explains how these conditions occur and what needs to be done to eliminate this problem.

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New Approved Applicator Blog List Image

New Approved Applicator

Elastotec Approves New Applicator in Thailand for Hot Vulcanised Ceramic Lagging (HVCL) Early in 2019 Kledkaew Inter Products Co, Ltd. a rubber lining company based

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EL.IN Approved Applicator Blog List Image

EL.IN Approved Applicator

EL.IN. is an engineering company based in Grevena in northern Greece. For many years EL.IN. has been refurbishing pulleys for the Public Power Corporation (PPC)

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Martin Sprocket China Blog List Image

Martin Sprocket China

Elastotec appoints Martin Sprocket & Gear as Approved Applicator in China Martin Sprocket and Gear (Martin) is an international manufacturer of power transmission, and materials

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Nepean Conveyors, Press Release Image 1

Nepean Conveyors, Press Release

Nepean conveyors becomes an Approved Applicator for Elastotec Direct Bond Ceramic Lagging Nepean Conveyors is one of Australia’s most successful suppliers of large scale, fully

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