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Magnefast quick to install

Reduce maintenance time

80% less replacement time with Magnefast. Increase conveyor operating time. Do more during shutdown. Save on labour time. No crane needed.

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Magnefast is safe

Magnefast is safe

Keep your staff safe with no external scaffolding, no electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic tools – no drop from heights risks or stud cutting.

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Magnefast Bulk Export

Magnefast Bulk Port Authority

This port facility is one of the largest in the world and handles shipments of iron ore, lithium concentrate and salt. In October 2019 a trial installation of the Elastotec Magnefast ceramic wear panels was put in place – this trial installation is still in service today. In December 2020 a chute with studded steel wear liners was relined with Magnefast ceramic wear liners.

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Colliery Transfer Chute Diverter

Elastotec Magnefast Ceramic Wear Panels were chosen for the application in this colliery transfer chute as the use of studded wear panels would have been very difficult and time consuming to install.

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