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Elastotec are global specialists in pulley lagging and wear panel solutions

Global specialists. Engineered solutions.

Elastotec’s pulley lagging and wear panel systems are installed in some of the world’s largest mines, helping maximise the output of today’s essential mineral resources.

Elastotec’s specialist solutions to the global mining industry

What we’re known for:

Pulley Lagging

As an engineered component, your pulley lagging should last longer than the bearing and locking elements, so ours are engineered to perform.

Wear Panels

Designed to increase mine site production, our Wear Panels are engineered to increase conveyor operational time, improve safety and be easy to install. Wear liner replacement times can be reduced by as much as 80% with Magnefast Wear Liners.

What we also do:


In conjunction with industry experts, Elastotec has developed sophisticated tools to help select the correct lagging solution for optimum performance in each application.


Two dedicated manufacturing plants equipped with state-of-the-art equipment so we can guarantee the quality and you can expect high-performance and reliability.


Using an operational feedback model to collect data from our installations, we engineer refinements into our products, staying ahead of the market and exceeding expectations.


An important step in maximising performance, we offer a range of training packages including installation, application, engineering and selection.

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Why choose Elastotec?

Elastotec make the complex simple and the simple more efficient through:


As the global mining specialists, Elastotec helps minimise downtime by taking the guesswork out of your pulley lagging and wear panel maintenance.


Proven performance in iron ore, coal, gold, copper, lithium, lignite, silver, zinc, grain, cement and aggregate.


End user performance guides our comprehensive quality management system. Systems include raw material batch testing, a requirement for adhesion testing for each pulley, traceability of product and understanding the application in depth before recommending a lagging solution.


Experienced engineers provide support on-line or on-site

  • Online training available
  • Online smart pricing tool

Elastotec installations by the numbers

We’re pleased to show you our achievements to date:
Over 5,000 installations
25 countries
Trained applicators

Our projects

Elastotec’s mining solutions at work

Oyu Tolgoi High Tension Bend Pulleys – Improved Performance

Oyu Tolgoi is a large copper mine that has both open-cut and underground operations and has been operating since 2013. The mine is jointly owned by the Mongolian government and Rio Tinto and is located in the South Gobi Desert. Once fully operational, the mine is expected to produce 450,000 tonnes of copper annually.

White FDA-approved Ceramic Lagging – bulk sugar ship-loading conveyor

Sugar Australia operates a specialised food-grade bulk refined sugar vessel, MV “Pioneer”. Elastotec developed a white ceramic lagging made from FDA materials approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for handling sugar on a ship-loading conveyor drive pulley.

PT Kembla Coal Terminal

In early 2012 Port Kembla Coal Terminal (PKCT) identified a need to refurbish the drive pulleys on their two Stacker Reclaimer units. Included in this refurbishment was replacement of the lagging.

Colliery Transfer Chute Diverter

Elastotec Magnefast Ceramic Wear Panels were chosen for the application in this colliery transfer chute as the use of studded wear panels would have been very difficult and time consuming to install.

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About Elastotec

Elastotec is committed to improving conveyor performance through understanding, innovation and engineering.
Elastotec began operations in 2009 with a vision to see lagging as an engineered pulley component rather than just a consumable item. With a strong investment in research and development, the company now specialises in mining solutions using rubber technology, composite engineering and bonding systems. Our deep understanding of production methods and onsite logistics means we know the enormous cost unproductive down-time has on mining operations – costs that can never be recovered. Therefore, Elastotec is focussed on ensuring pulleys equipped with our lagging and transfer chutes with our wear liners provide a trouble-free operation, helping lift industry benchmarks for productivity. Learn more about the Elastotec team here

Support & information

Lagging failures – don’t put up with this! Get a comprehensive analysis of your current equipment and improve the productivity of your operation.

Mine Site Support Programme for Pulley Lagging Performance

Increase mine production output with reduced operating costs and reduced OH&S risk.

Support programme for pulley manufacturers & refurbishment companies

To create opportunities for you to gain more business with existing and new customers. To help differentiate your product by providing technical support for correct lagging selection and application, so that your customers achieve measurably better service life, increased production, lower operating costs and reduced OH& S risk.

Conveyor Maintenance Support Programme for Pulley Lagging Performance

Elastotec provide conveyor maintenance companies with the technical support and expertise related to pulley lagging performance, analysis of failures, correct lagging selection and predictive software tools such as “Lagging Analyst”.

Lagging recommendations for longest service life

View the Elastotec recommendations for engineered pulleys operating in a temperature range from -45°C to +60°C in dry and wet conditions..

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