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Wear panel solutions engineered for improved transfer chute performance

You need a wear panel solution that’s quick and easy to install​

You want a system that enhances the service life of your chutes

And it needs to reduce the safety risks for your operators

Elastotec provides global mining operations with wear panel solutions that reduce down-time, maximises output production and manages OH&S risks.

Wear Panel Installations

Production time is a finite resource that needs to be valued and protected. Conveyor downtime represents lost revenue over and above labour and materials required for the shutdown. Elastotec’s wear panel installations provide the following benefit:

shut down time

Increase conveyor operation and production output

Achieve more with the same amount of labour

OH&S outcomes

Introducing Magnefast Wear Panels

A unique, single sided high performance magnetic attachment system for the most arduous of operating conditions.
Suitable for:
  • Chutes
  • Launders
  • Underpans
  • Vibratory feeders

  • Apron feeders
  • Mobile surge loaders
  • Deflectors
  • Diverter valves
  • Stacker/reclaimers

Improve the performance of your transfer chutes with the Magnefast wear liner system.

Up to 80% less shut down time
Up to 60% less OH&S risk
0 :1
ROI UP TO 25:1

Wear Panel Systems

Every mine site, every ore body presents unique challenges when it comes to the service life and wear of equipment. Elastotec’s engineered wear panel solutions add value to your operation by reducing or eliminating your production challenges.

Direct Bond Wear Panels

Made with a high-performance ceramic and proven epoxy adhesive for ease of installation and increased service life.

Suitable for

Hot Vulcanised Wear Panels

This pioneered solution provides consistent 100% rubber tear bond to the chute wall ensuring the longest possible service life.

Suitable for

Cold Bonded Wear Panels

Ideal for a wide variety of mining, mineral processing and material handling for protection against extreme wear.

Suitable for


Magnefast Wear Panels

A unique, single sided high performance magnetic attachment system that provides benchmark performance for liner changeout time and OH & S risk.

Suitable for

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Why use Elastotec’s wear panel solutions?

Wear panel problems that can be eliminated to improve chute performance:
  • Ceramic tile loss due to debonding
  • Debonding of the wear panel from the chute surface
  • Debonding of ceramic tiles from the panel backing plates
  • Corrosion and seizing of mounting studs
  • Corrosion of wear panel backing plates
  • Gaps between studded wear panels
Wear panel features that can improve performance, make liner changes easier and reduce OH&S risks
  • Single sided attachment – easy to use and install
  • No stud alignment necessary, so no gaps between panels
  • No need to chisel direct bond liners out of chutes for replacement
  • Reduced weight
  • No working at heights risk outside the chute – no scaffolding, no drop risk

Read how Elastotec’s wear panel solutions are helping mining companies improve their operations

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